The Association of Independent Methodists

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There is only one condition previously required of those who desire admission into the fellowship of this Independent Methodist Church:


"a desire to flee from the wrath to come, and to be saved from their sins"


Wherever this is really fixed in the soul it will be shown by its fruits.  It is, therefore, expected of all who continue herein that they shall continue to evidence their desire of salvation by



Doing no harm, avoiding evil of every kind and practicing the Christian grace of kindness, charity, compassion, meekness, humility, love, patience, temperance, and faithfulness.



Doing good, especially to them that are of the household of faith or growing so to be; employing them preferably to others; buying one of another; helping each other in business; and so much the more because the world will love its own and them only.



Running with patience the race which is set before them, denying themselves, and taking up their cross daily; submitting to bear the reproach of Christ, to spend and be spent for the cause of Christ; and looking that men should say all manner of evil of them FALSELY, for the Lord.



By attending upon all the ordinances of God, such as: the public worship of God; the ministry of the Word, read or expounded; the Supper of the Lord; family and private prayer; searching the Scriptures; fasting or abstinence.


These are the historic General Rules of the Methodist Societies, and they are adopted by the Independent Methodist churches, all of which we are taught of God to observe, even in His written word, which is the only rule, and the sufficient rule, both of our faith and practice.  And all these we know His Spirit writes on truly awakened hearts.  If there be any among us who observes them not, who habitually breaks any of them, let it be known unto them who watch over that soul as they who must give an account.  We will admonish him of the error of his ways.  We will bear with him for a season.  But, if then he repent not, he hath no more place among us.  We have delivered our own souls.