The Association of Independent Methodists

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Keeping ever in mind the charge of the Great Commission, AIM provides a variety of services and ministries to build up its member congregations.  These include [among other things]...

  • seminars and workshops,
  • church consultation,
  • pulpit-supply,
  • pastoral candidate screening,
  • regional retreats and youth camps,
  • a helpful resource library, and
  • the A.I.M. Newsletter.


Working together to share the gospel, the Association supports the following efforts:


Church Planting Program

Voluntary gifts from both local churches and private individuals made to the AIM Church Planting Fund help underwrite the start-up costs of new congregations.


Small Church Support Program

AIM recognizes that local churches may find themselves experiencing unforeseen financial hardships. Through the AIM Small Church Support Program, our Association encourages and enables other congregations and individuals to help meet the pastor's salary on a short-term basis if such need arises.


AIM Crusaders Program

From time to time, our Association may be faced with unforeseen needs and/or projects for which no funds have been budgeted. The AIM Crusaders Program raises those funds through volunteers who have agreed to be called upon no more than four times annually and have beforehand pledged specified amounts to be graciously given in answer to these calls.


Foreign Missions

Recognizing that to spread the gospel throughout all the world is our mandate, we are presently partnering with two other like-minded groups for focused ministry in Belize.  Our goal is to establish a national church in Belize with national leadership, by planting churches, training pastors and leaders, and developing a Christian school program.  Addidionally, we also use World Gospel Mission as an approved missionary-serving agency, and have missionaries serving in various parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


Wesley Biblical Seminary

This fully-accredited theological seminary, located in Jackson, Mississippi, is endorsed by AIM as the best seminary for the preparation of our people.  Founded by AIM in 1974, WBS operates under an interdenominational charter in order to serve all churches that share in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition.


Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Kentucky Mountain Bible College, located in Vancleve, Kentucky, is endorsed by AIM as the Christian college of choice for all our high school graduates and especially our people who are preparing for ministry.