Helpful Resources


This is a website for pastor's and anyone looking for material.

Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Kentucky Mountain Bible College provides residential and online classes, affordable degrees, and quality education. KMBC is recognized by many as an excellent college to prepare for ministry including becoming a Pastor, Missionary, Teacher, Leader, and to become grounded in God's Word— the Bible.

Wesley Biblical Seminary

Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, is highly recommended for graduate level Ministry

Many of the Wesleyan book classics are hard to find, but Schmul has them!

Church Smart is a publisher of excellent materials for church growth and development. In addition, they provide a number of training seminars and workshops that  any have found quite helpful. is full of resources, ideas, and inspiration for pastors.

Church Resource Ministries helps churches develop a missional perspective... from being "consumers" and "vendors" of spiritual resources and tools to being "sent people" who show what the Kingdom of God is all about.

The Association is a part of the rich heritage that also includes the American Camp Meeting movement. This is a link o the camp directory. Find a great camp and get involved.

One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) is an international, nondenominational mission agency based in Greenwood Indiana.

The Congregational Methodist Church

AIM and the Congregational Methodists work together on church and mission projects.

AIM and the Methodist Protestant Church have a partnership for mission projects.