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When and How AIM Got Started

On June 20, 1965, in Jackson, Mississippi, 1100 Methodists from every district in Mississippi met and approved the organization of an Association of Independent Methodists. This action was taken after fruitless efforts were made to cause the leadership of The Methodist Church to turn from the centralization of ecclesiastical power and the failure of the leadership to give the local church congregation a choice or decision in the matter of church policy. The Association of Independent Methodists was chartered as a non-profit corporation according to the laws of the State of Mississippi on July 13, 1965.

The founders of AIM left their existing Methodist Churches and formed new Independent Methodist Churches. Because of that great price the founders of AIM wanted to establish an organization that:

  • Holds the Bible in high regard because it is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and authoritative for faith and practice (Bible-based)
  • Committed to Christ and His mission (Christ-centered)
  • Churches own their own property (No trust clause)
  • Methodist in doctrine and hold to historic Methodist beliefs (Methodist)
  • Exists to serve and support the local church (Servant heart)
  • Churches that govern themselves and not have decisions and polity made for them (Self-governing)
  • Connected to other like-minded churches for support and encouragement not isolated and on their own (Network of churches)
  • No apportionments or required giving percentages (Voluntary giving)