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How does a church become a part of the Association of Independent Methodists?

  • Request a membership application.
  • Read the articles of Belief to the congregation and ask for a vote of agreement with the Articles of Belief.
  • Have the congregation to vote on joining the Association. If the vote is favorable and meets the requirements of your local constitution, then send your Membership Application to the AIM office with a copy of your church’s Minutes where you voted to join AIM.
  • Membership applications are reviewed and approved by the AIM Executive Committee.

How does a minister apply for credentials?

  • Request a minister’s questionnaire either by phone, e-mail, or regular mail.
  • Fill it out completely and return it to our office with a non-refundable $25.00 Application Fee to: Association of Independent Methodists, 405 Marquis Street, Jackson, MS  39206.
  • It will be reviewed and presented to the AIM Credentialing team made up of laymen and ministers at a called or regular meeting.
  • If the credentialing team deems that one meets the criteria in personal spirituality, theology, family, ministry training, experience, and education, then a person interview will be set up at the nearest location and time.
  • If approved, your credentials will be valid at the time of your active ministry in an AIM ministry or approved ministry and will be officially presented at the next annual meeting.
  • The things that the credentialing team will be looking for are: personal spirituality, conservative Wesleyan Theology, solid functional family (if married) and not hindered with indebtedness.
  • We have assigned reading for all who are approved. “The Right Conception of Sin” by Richard Taylor; “In The Shadow of Aldersgate” by Dan Burnett; “Security The True and False” by W. T. Purkiser. Other books may be required.

Reasons for considering joining AIM

  • Our stance on the authority of the Word of God.
  • Our conservative Wesleyan Theology.
  • Financial support is voluntary not mandatory.
  • We do not own your property.
  • Our strong emphasis on missions.
  • Our summer and winter youth camps and retreats
  • Our men’s and ladies retreats.
  • Our church planting efforts.
  • Our association with Wesley Biblical Seminary and Kentucky Mountain Bible College and scholarships.
  • The high quality of anointed Bible preaching ministries.
  • The sweetest, loving laity in the world.
  • You may withdraw at anytime with a vote of your congregation without loss of property or reprisals.



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