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Reasons for considering joining AIM

  • Our stance on the authority and inspiration of the Word of God.
  • Our conservative Wesleyan Theology.
  • AIM is committed to Christ and His mission.
  • Financial support is voluntary not mandatory.
  • Churches own their own property.
  • AIM exists to serve the member church.
  • Member churches are connected to other like-minded churches but not controlled.
  • Multiple Men’s and Women’s Retreats in key locations
  • Training for pastors and lay leaders
  • Scholarship assistance for our credentialed ministers
  • Strategically placed youth camps
  • Pastoral search assistance and screening

How does a church become a part of the Association of Independent Methodists?

  • Read the AIM Articles of Belief and be in doctrinal agreement with them.
  • Believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God.
  • Schedule a vote to join AIM.
  • If your church votes to join AIM, request a membership application, complete, and return to the AIM along with a copy of the minutes where your church voted to join AIM.
  • The AIM Executive Committee will review your application. If a member of the Executive Committee or one of its representatives has not visited your church an onsite visit will be scheduled.
  • Once approved by the Executive Committee the church is officially recognized as a member church.
  • There is no fee to join.

How does a minister apply for credentials?

  • Request an Application for Credentials either by phone, email, or click here and in the comment or message box type Request Application for Credentials.
  • Fill it out completely and return it to our office with a non-refundable $50.00 Application Fee.
  • Once the application for credentials is returned, the background check completed and the personal references returned, it will be reviewed by the AIM Pastor-Parish Relations Committee.
  • If the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee deems that one meets the criteria in personal spirituality, theology, family, ministry training, experience, and education, then a time for an interview will be scheduled, either via zoom or in person.
  • If approved, your credentials will be valid at the time of your active ministry in an AIM ministry or approved ministry and will be officially presented at the next annual meeting.
  • The things that the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee will be looking for are: personal spirituality, conservative Wesleyan Theology, solid functional family (if married) and not hindered with indebtedness.


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