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AIM Partner Resources

AIM has partnered with various Christian organizations to provide ministry resources and tools.

John & Charles Wesley Center for Christian Thought and Apologetics

AIM is a strategic partner of the John & Charles Wesley Center, which “exists to provide a contemporary witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ out of the Wesleyan tradition that articulates, defends, and promotes Christian orthodox faith and its Scriptural foundation and to create resources to strengthen the discipleship, faith, and ministries of 21st century Christians.” Their work is outstanding, their vision is big and bright, and we think you’ll love the videos and articles they’re producing.

Global Wesleyan Alliance

AIM is a member of the Global Wesleyan Alliance (GWA), a community of Wesleyan-Arminian holiness denominations and organizations that strenghtens the prophetic voice and amplifies the missional fruitfulness of its members as they communicate and demonstrate the transforming message of scriptural holiness.

Wesley Biblical Seminary

We highly-recommend Wesley Biblical Seminary (WBS) in Jackson, Mississippi,  for graduate and post-graduate academic preparation for ministry.  WBS provides both residential and online options to its students and offers a variety of degree programs, including a post-graduate D.Min., as well as non-degree course auditing and certificate programs.


This is a website for pastors and anyone looking for helpful material. They have books, literature, articles, videos, study series, daily devotional readings (sent right to your inbox!), discipleship plans, and so much more.

Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Kentucky Mountain Bible College (KMBC) offer residential and online classes, affordable degrees, and high-quality education. KMBC is recognized by many as an excellent college  to become rooted in God’s Word in preparation for ministry as a pastor, missionary, teacher, or many other roles in Christian leadership.

Francis Asbury Society

Here’s a great resource with lots of outstanding books, studies, gatherings, and more!

Schmul’s Wesleyan Books

Many of the Wesleyan classics are hard to find, but Schmul has them!


Pastors.com is full of resources, ideas, and inspiration for pastors.

Church Resource Ministries

Church Resource Ministries helps churches develop a missional perspective— helping Christians transform from being “consumers” and “vendors” of spiritual resources and tools to being “sent people” who creatively show and personally live what the Kingdom of God is all about.

The U.S. Camp Meeting Directory

The Association is a part of a rich heritage that also includes the American Camp Meeting movement. Make sure of this camp directory to find a great camp in your area and get involved!

One Mission Society

One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) is an international, nondenominational mission-sending agency based in Greenwood, Indiana.

World Gospel Mission

World Gospel Mission (WGM) is an international, nondenominational mission-sending agency based in Marion, Indiana.



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